US Forest Service, Tongass National Forest

US Forest Service, Tongass National Forest

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A route feature stores the spatial locations (geography) of the road. These feature classes have an (M) value or measure on their vertices. A route system depicts all roads within or in close proximity to an administrative unit. A road is a motor vehicle travel way over 50 inches wide, unless classified and managed as a trail. This feature is only SPATIAL ROAD DATA, other data (open, closed, jurisdiction, maintenance level) is stored in INFRA. Used to link spatial roads to INFRA data, ROAD NO., BMP, EMP and Calibration. Routed roads are a single spatial line, all have data in INFRA and this data must be attached. Routed roads need to have INFRA data table attached by use of R10 Geospatial Interface (GI) tool and Visualization named Roads with Core Attributes RSW - This creates an output roads layer and adds the following fields from the INFRA database at NITC: name, lanes, service life, system, surface type, jurisdiction, objective maintenance level, operational maintenance level, route status, functional class and primary maintainer. Routed ROADS CAN HAVE OTHER DATA TABLES ATTACHED, (R10 Stream Data Point-RSW, Road Points -RSW, Bridges-RSW, MVUM Roads and Transportation Atlas. A road may be classified or unclassified. Classified roads are roads within the National Forest System lands planned and managed for motor vehicle access including State roads, county roads, private roads, permitted roads, and Forest Service roads. Unclassified roads are roads not intended to be a part of nor managed as a part of the forests transportation system, such as temporary roads, and unplanned, unengineered, unauthorized off-road vehicle tracks and abandoned travel ways. Route measurements and route directions must correspond to those stored in the INFRA Oracle table RTE_BASICS. Associated National Application: INFRA Travel Routes. IWeb Infra Roads webpage All routed roads are required to have data in INFRA and all roads having data in INFRA are required to be routed.

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Kubitza, Rodd
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US Forest Service, Tongass National Forest

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US Forest Service, Tongass National Forest, USDA Forest Service

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