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US Geological Survey

Geological Characterization and Sedimentary Processes of Nearshore Habitats in Kachemak Bay, Alaska

The ultimate goal of this project is to quantify the linkages between the dynamic sedimentary system and marine benthos of Kachemak Bay at a variety of temporal and spatial scales. In particular we aim to test the hypotheses that the amount of exposed rocky habitat on the north shore of Kachemak Bay is a function of periodic and episodic sand wave migration and that the variability of sand wave migration rates is a function of storm magnitude and frequency (as opposed to tidal currents). Kachemak Bay is an ideal location for this effort as it currently serves as a demonstration site for the only coherent coastal ocean observing system in Alaska by featuring the most diverse array of instruments within one limited area of the Gulf of Alaska. A number of recent studies in Kachemak Bay, Alaska have linked ecosystem dynamics and population declines to sediment and nearshore dynamics. We aim to quantify habitat change as a function of wave energy, current velocity, storm frequency, sediment transport, and sand wave migration and how anthropogenic processes such as coastal development and human use modify these processes. The primary outcome of the proposed project will be to improve the management and decision making ability of local and state governments on issues related to sediment transport, coastal erosion, and ecological maintenance.

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Status: Complete
Start Date: 2003/01/01
Type: Project
End Date: 2007/12/31
Data Types: Other
Primary Contact
Gelfenbaum, Guy
Research Oceanographer
Work: (931) 460-7417
Primary Agency
US Geological Survey

ISO Topics
geoscientificInformation, oceans

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