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North Slope Lakes Water Quality - ALWAS and Bathyboat

Available here are the data collected by ALWAS (Automated Lagrangian Water Quality Assessment System) and BathyBoat for each of the 67 lakes surveyed on the North Slope.

Data are organized by date collected with the most recent data first. You can download a map of the data as a JPEG/PDF file by clicking the name of the measurement parameter. Summary statistics by season are also available (July 2009, September 2008, August 2008, July 2006). Measurements include: Depth (meters), pH, Dissolved Oxygen (mg/L), Conductivity (mS/cm), Temperature (C), Salinity (ppt), Chlorophyll and Turbidity (NTU).

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Status: Remote
Start Date: 2006/07/01
Type: Data
End Date: 2009/01/01
Data Types: Database
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Michigan Tech Research Institute

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Alaska, Northslope Borough

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