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Alaska Forest Stand Age Projections: Integrated Ecosystem Model for Alaska (AIEM)

These raster datasets represent output from the Boreal ALFRESCO (Alaska Frame Based Ecosystem Code) model for the years 2007- 2099.

Boreal ALFRESCO operates on an annual time step, in a landscape composed of 1 x 1 km pixels, a scale appropriate for interfacing with mesoscale climate and carbon models. The last four digits of the file name specifies the year represented by the raster. For example a file named Ageyearshistorical_1990.tif represents the year 1990. Cell values represent the age of vegetation in years since last fire, with zero (0) indicating burned area in that year. Coverage of this dataset includes much of the state of Alaska (but does exclude Southeastern AK, Kodiak Island, portions of the Alaska Peninsula, and the Aleutian Islands).

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Status: Complete
Start Date: 2010/01/01
Type: Data
End Date: 2012/01/31
Data Types: GIS
Primary Contact
Balogh, Greg
Work: 907 786 3605
Primary Agency
Arctic Landscape Conservation Cooperative

Funding Agency
University of Alaska Fairbanks

Other Agencies
US Geological Survey, Scenarios Network for Alaska & Arctic Planning

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