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Simulated Active Layer Thickness: Integrated Ecosystem Model for Alaska (AIEM)

These raster datasets are output from the Geophysical Institute Permafrost Lab (GIPL) model and represent simulated active layer thickness (ALT) in meters averaged across a decade for the years 1980-2099.

These data were generated by driving the GIPL model with a composite of five GCM model outputs for the A1B emissions scenario. The file name specifies the decade the raster represents. For example, a file named ALT19801989.tif represents the decade spanning 1980-1989. Cell values represent simulated maximum depth (in meters) of thaw penetration (for areas with permafrost) or frost penetration (for areas without permafrost). If the value of the cell is positive, the area is underlain by permafrost and the cell value specifies the depth of the seasonally thawing layer above permafrost. If the value of the cell is negative, the ground is only seasonally frozen and the cell value specifies the depth of seasonal frost. These rasters cover the entire state of Alaska and have a spatial resolution of 2km.

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Status: Remote
Start Date: 2010/01/01
Type: Data
End Date: 2012/01/31
Data Types: GIS
Primary Contact
Jenkins, Jennifer
Geospatial Specialist
Work: 907 456 0327
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Arctic Landscape Conservation Cooperative

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Geophysical Institute UAF

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