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Guidelines for Bank Stabilization on the Mendenhall River - Juneau, Alaska

This document encourages the use of bioengineered bank treatment options as alternatives to traditional stone riprap revetment on the Mendenhall River where bank stabilization is desired and fish habitat must be maintained. Stone riprap has previously been installed to full bank height along several properties abutting the river, and more banks are riprapped every year. Although riprap can be an effective way to prevent local bank erosion, it generally offers no aquatic or terrestrial habitat and is generally held to be aesthetically unappealing. In contrast, bioengineered bank treatments can offer a level of erosion protection comparable to riprap, and provide aquatic and terrestrial habitat and aesthetically pleasing riverbanks.

This report describes the current state of the Mendenhall River, the basic theory behind the use of bioengineering in bank revetment design, and bioengineering methods considered appropriate for use on the Mendenhall River. In addition, example bioengineered bank treatment designs are presented for three sites along the river. The three example sites were chosen to represent the range of conditions found on the Mendenhall River, and thus to provide bank protection solutions that can be readily transferred to other sites. The designs include plan sheets and descriptions of materials, installation, and planting specifications for the example bank treatments. Several alternative planting and bank stabilization methods, as well as a technique for vegetating existing riprap, are also presented. Permitting requirements and the permitting process are also described.

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Status: Complete
Type: Project
End Date: 2003/09/30
Southeast Alaska Fish Habitat Partnership (SEAKFHP)

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