Lemon Creek Natural Sediment Assessment - Juneau, Alaska

A paired watershed study was conducted from May 2002 through June 2003 to ascertain the roles of glacier processes on watershed sediment discharge. Lemon Creek, an actively glaciated watershed, and Gold Creek, unglaciated, were used in this study. Some specific event-based effects of the glacier were identified but in general not as pronounced as anticipated, perhaps due to the unseasonably warm winter during the study period and probably also due to landslide activity in both watersheds that added unexpected variability to the data. Overall the glaciated system produced an order of magnitude more sediment over the course of the year than the unglaciated watershed. This study concludes that in systems substantially influenced by glacier and mass wasting processes, the traditional TSS-Q (total suspended sediment-stream discharge) relationship is not particularly meaningful because some of the most pronounced sediment events are associated with processes that are not well correlated with stream discharge. At the time of this report, analysis of the collected data is continuing in order to identify additional insights into the erosion processes in Lemon and Gold Creeks.

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Southeast Alaska Fish Habitat Partnership (SEAKFHP)

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