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Jordan Creek Watershed Recovery and Management Plan - Juneau, Alaska

Although much of its watershed remains forested, Jordan Creek is located in an area that has rapidly urbanized late in the last century. The creek and its watershed are valued by local citizens as a wildlife corridor and natural area in the Mendenhall Valley, which has become the population center of Juneau. Ensuring that Jordan Creek continues to provide good fish and wildlife habitat and clean water may be challenging as the demand for a developable land-base in Juneau continues to grow.

Water quality monitoring and biological studies indicate that Jordan Creek water quality and fish populations are declining. Jordan Creek is currently on the Alaska Clean Water Action (ACWA) list due to a high frequency of debris, sediment loading, and low dissolved oxygen levels. Fish may be at least partly influenced by such water quality parameters, as well as more direct habitat impacts such as channel alteration and riparian disturbance. Assessing watersheds and identifying ways to improve stream conditions helps direct financial and organizational resources, as demonstrated by the Duck Creek Watershed Management Plan (Koski and Lorenz, 1999). The plan has and continues to guide water quality monitoring and habitat rehabilitation projects on Duck Creek, a nearby stream that is historically similar to Jordan Creek.

The purpose of this document is to summarize available information about Jordan Creek, describe the known and potential factors affecting water quality and fish habitat, and provide recommendations for further assessment and improving the overall condition of the stream while preventing further degradation. It is intended to address water quality recovery by outlining tasks for attaining State of Alaska water quality standards, and as a general watershed management plan for conserving and protecting habitat. This report is intended for use by agencies and citizens.

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Status: Complete
Type: Project
End Date: 2015/12/18
Southeast Alaska Fish Habitat Partnership (SEAKFHP)

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