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Taiya Inlet Stream Condition Assessment - Skagway, Alaska

In 2002, concerns over sustainable watershed mangagement led Skagway area residents, business owners, the City of Skagway, the Skagway Traditional Council, the National Park Service, and others to come together to form the Taiya Inlet Watershed Council (TIWC), a broad-based watershed stewardship organization.

The Taiya Inlet Watershed Council is a community partnership working to protect and improve the health of the watershed through education, communication, research and restoration.

TIWC is not a management entity in itself and does not – in this assessment– seek to make management decisions which will impact these creeks and stakeholders. Rather, we hope that by using this information we can establish partnerships with stakeholders to help synergize action on issues impacting the health of these creeks and ultimately, the health of the Taiya Inlet Watershed.

This document synthesizes existing and new survey information about Taiya Inlet streams and suggests steps we can take to preserve and improve these creeks in the future.

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Status: Complete
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Southeast Alaska Fish Habitat Partnership (SEAKFHP)

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