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The Taiya Inlet Watershed Council (TIWC) was formed in 2002 with a mission to preserve and protect the health of the Taiya Inlet Watershed through research, restoration, education and communication. For reasons described in this document, Pullen Creek was quickly identified as a priority TIWC focus. As TIWC has worked on this and other Pullen Creek projects, we have learned about water’s intrinsic ability to attract people and its fundamental value to our lives. TIWC is not a management entity in itself and does not – in this plan – seek to make management decisions which will impact the creek and its stakeholders. Rather, we hope that using this plan we can establish partnerships with stakeholders to help synergize action on issues impacting the health of the creek and, ultimately, the health of the Taiya Inlet watershed. We are sharing our vision of Pullen Creek as it exists now, and we introduce recommendations about its potential as we come together to face challenges in its management. Thus, this action plan synthesizes existing information about the creek and suggests steps we can take to preserve the health of the creek for future generations.

Pullen Creek, once known as Mill Creek, is an extensively modified, small urban stream that flows through the City of Skagway. It is found in Hydrologic Unit Code 1901303 and located in the eastern section of the City of Skagway, at approximately 59° 27’ north and 135° 18’ west. The mainstem is approximately 1.5 miles long and has a spring-fed headwater located at the base of the steep mountainside on the eastern side of town.

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Southeast Alaska Fish Habitat Partnership (SEAKFHP)

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