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Kadake Creek Watershed Restoration Plan

Kadake Creek Watershed is important for commercial fisheries production, subsistence and recreation activities. Users from the nearby communities of Kake, Point Baker, Port Protection, Kupreanof, and Petersburg as well as approximately 25 outfitters and guides use this watershed for fishing, hunting, trapping, sightseeing, kayaking, camping and hiking. Recent changes in the physical conditions of the watershed have been driven primarily by timber harvest and road building, with natural and management-induced landslides also contributing to physical changes within the watershed. Commercial riparian harvest has altered forest stand conditions along some of Kadake Creek and its tributaries, possibly altering patterns of wood recruitment and wood function in streams. Temporary and unused National Forest System (NFS) roads contribute sediment to streams and alter drainage patterns. Restoration projects are aimed at improving fisheries habitat through placement of large woody debris (LWD) structures, reducing the negative impacts of roads on watershed resources through decommissioning and storing temporary and NFS roads, lowering sediment input to a Kadake Creek tributary from a highly used fishing access trail, improving access to the Kadake Bay cabin and slowing or stabilizing streambank erosion occurring at the site, and expanding stream, road, and invasive weed surveys to better characterize the watershed.

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Status: Complete
Type: Project
End Date: 2007/11/16
Southeast Alaska Fish Habitat Partnership (SEAKFHP)

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