Alaska Department of Natural Resources

Alaska Department of Natural Resources

Exxon Valdez Oil Spill - Shoreline Oiling - CIK Fall/89 - Spring/90

ADEC Fall 1989 Shoreline Oiling Survey - The fall data represents a summary of beached oil concentration following the completion of all major spill treatment in 1989. Survey dates were from September 11, 1989 through November 3, 1989. The following description is from the published ADEC reports: During this survey additional information was also recorded on oil penetration, oil thickness, shoreline type, sediment type, location of photographs and sediment samples, quality of oil, location of oiling within the intertidal area, and fucus damage. Shorelines were individually walked by a field assessment team consisting of two or three persons. Inaccessible areas were surveyed by skiff; no oil was classified from the air. Each team used a computer generated map from 1:63,360 source material, showing a beach segment on a single page, typically enlarged to a scale of 1:10,000. Segment surveys were conducted primarily during low tide. In areas of light to very light oiling, the team had the option to perform the survey at a midtide level since the oil was almost always found along the hightide swash line.

MultiAgency Spring 1990 Shoreline Oiling Survey - The 1990 Spring Survey (SSAT) was conducted between March 23, 1990 and June 7, 1990. Surveys were conducted by representatives from the State of Alaska, US Coast Guard, local land owners, and Exxon Corporation. Typical crew size was six members. The survey was intended to include all areas of shoreline oiling. Exxon provided for the timely automation and delivery of these data.

Data available from the Alaska Department of Natural Resources.

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Status: Complete
Start Date: 1989/09/01
Type: Data
End Date: 1989/11/03
Data Types: GIS
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