Alaska Department of Natural Resources

Alaska Department of Natural Resources

Cook Inlet Oil & Gas GIS Data – Areawide Sale Tracts

This data set is available from the Alaska Department of Natural Resources Division of Oil and Gas and was developed to provide the general public with easy access to oil and gas leasing information. It is not a legal record and is for informational purposes only. Source documents remain the official record.

The purpose of areawide leasing is to provide an established time each year that the state will offer for lease all available acreage within five geographical regions: the Alaska Peninsula, Cook Inlet, North Slope, North Slope Foothills and Beaufort Sea. By conducting lease sales at a set time each year, the state will have a stable, predictable leasing program, which will allow companies to plan and develop their exploration strategies and budgets years in advance. The result will be more efficient exploration and earlier development, which will, in turn, benefit the state and its residents. The leasing program is governed by Alaska Statute 38.05.035. PLEASE NOTE - These tracts do not reflect tracts excluded from a particular lease sale. The user must refer to the sale announcement and possibly other documentation to identify tracts that have been permanently deleted or deferred from a particular sale. More information can be found through the Division of Oil and Gas lease sales program.

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