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Cook Inlet Basin Study Unit – Ecoregions

nawqa_ecoreg is a polygon coverage of the ecoregions contained in the Cook Inlet National Water-Quality Assessment (NAWQA) study unit. This coverage was developed by clipping a statewide coverage developed by Gallant and others in 1995 and is described in "Ecoregions of Alaska", USGS Professional Paper 1567. The original coverage was published at 1:2,000,000. nawqa_ecoreg is in the Albers Conical Equal Area projection and contains 51 polygons, 50 points, and 1899 strings.

The dataset was produced as a framework for organizing and interpreting environmental data. This coverage along with other coverages of the Cook Inlet NAWQA study unit will be used as a guide in designing the water-quality sampling scheme for the Cook Inlet Basin.

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Status: Complete
Type: Data
End Date: 1997/06/18
Data Types: GIS
Primary Agency
US Geological Survey

ISO Topics
biota, environment, geoscientificInformation

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