US Forest Service, Chugach National Forest

US Forest Service, Chugach National Forest

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Chugach National Forest GIS – Timber Type

Existing timber type mylars were developed by the Alaska Regional Office in 1978 using 1:15,840 aerial photography flown in the 1950's-1970's, and digitized primarily under contract. The North Slope Borough digitized the Big Islands and Gravina Management Areas. Other full quads were done primarily by the Brodie Group. The remaining quads were done by the Chugach National Forest staff using LIDES or ARC/INFO. Additional mapping was done by Bob Green for the BLM Window and Whittier. Warren Oja did mapping for Cooper Landing. The forty quads under contract were as follows: Anchorage A1-A4, Bering Glacier A8 & B8, Cordova A1-A2, Cordova B1-B5, Cordova C3-C4, Middleton Island D1/2, Seward A3-A4, Seward B2-B8, Seward C1-C8, Seward D1-D5, Seward D7-D8.

Data available from the United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service.

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Type: Data
End Date: 2008/06/17
Data Types: Database, GIS
Primary Contact
Jackson, Erik
GIS Coordinator
Work: (907) 743-9574
Primary Agency
US Forest Service, Chugach National Forest

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Chugach National Forest

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