Welcome to the Alaska EPSCoR Central Portal

Welcome to the Alaska NSF EPSCoR data portal. This site provides links to searchable and sortable data collected by Alaska NSF EPSCoR (Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research), a National Science Foundation-funded organization dedicated to improving Alaska's scientific capacity by engaging in interdisciplinary research endeavors. The organization is currently engaged in a 5-year project entitled "Alaska Adapting to Changing Environments (Alaska ACE)" which examines the mechanisms by which communities adapt to environmental and social change.

Data compiled on this site originates from Alaska ACE’s three “test cases,” integrative research projects that focus on specific areas of the state. The Southeast Test Case is focused on Berners Bay near Juneau; the Southcentral Test Case focuses on the Kenai Peninsula; and the Northern Test Case focuses on the Colville River delta on the North Slope. Data from these test cases can be found on their individual pages and is also accessible in full through this site; this data includes both information gathered through these test cases and other relevant datasets gathered by community partners and other research organizations.